Sunday, August 2, 2009

Be Still...And Glue A Few Cracks

You know that it has been a long summer and time to start thinking about getting back into the routine of school when you have this.....

plus this....

equals this...

Uh Oh, not a good thing.

Let me start by saying, I was not having my finest parenting moment(s). My big boy and I had already been at sorts with each other earlier in the day when I felt he was being ungrateful for something I had done for him. He is too much like me and has a big problem with pride; and he had done a little self imposed time out in his room. Big Daddy kept telling me that I needed to talk to him and tell him he could come out of his room...well, I never sent him to his room in the first place, he left and went up there on his own devices. Why should I tell him to come out? Quite frankly I was enjoying that the family room TV was off for what seemed like the first time all summer and I could not hear iCarly or Wizards of Whatever.

He later came down as they were all going to our elementary school to work on baseball (little man has a try-out for a select team tomorrow). Some how big boy had a brain lapse and thought nothing of playing with a beach ball that was in the house. That is when I heard the crashing and tumbling of things...I have never quite seen that shade of green on my big boy...especially when he had to bring me the broken "momma bird". I was fuming and grateful that they were leaving for a while. I was in dire need of a self imposed time out.

I sat down after they were gone and went to work on momma bird, both of us "momma birds". I kept telling myself that this was a 3.99 trinket from Garden Ridge, why was I so mad? Good golly!! Do I want my babies to think of me later as a mom that always loses her cool?? Do I have to much pride to be the first one to speak and make up? Sister you are the adult here!!!

As I glued and put her back together, I thought we are all alot like this broken momma bird. We all have moments that we snap, someone throws a ball at us and knocks us off our rockers, or we're just not equipped, but we most of the time can easily be fixed with little or no damage done. I would rather bear the cracks, than my precious babies bear the cracks any day. Food for thought. Thank you Jesus for this learning moment! I am listening!

Momma bird is mended has returned to watching over her nest... Thank goodness there is a Big Daddy bird tending the nest with her.


  1. Amy...I can't tell you how much I relate to this. Great post. And by the way, you are a fantastic momma bird.

  2. This is wonderful! Something we all need a reminder of now and then. Thank you for that perfect reminder. What a great post!

  3. Love love love your post! Oldest bumped into one of my candle sticks today and it fell to the floor and broke. At that very moment as I was beginning to freak I heard "Oh Mama I am sooo very sorry". He knows how very much my "pretties" mean to me but I always want him to know he means sooo much more!!!! All evening he kept saying sorry but I kept telling him it was all okay that we can just glue it back together tomorrow.