Sunday, September 6, 2009

DipTacular!~Bleu Cheese Chips

BooMoma is hosting this week DipTacular in honor of the return of college football!! Oh Yea baby!!! We love football, it doesn't matter what it is PeeWee, City League, Big 12, SEC, WAC, or even high school. Like I said "We love football!!" Go Red Raiders and Allen Eagles!!! Anyway, she was wanting suggestions for your favorite dip to munch on while rooting for your favorite teams or tailgates. My go to dip is called "Bleu Cheese Chips" and is a total pour and go. Three very simple ingredients...
Kettle Chips, Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper.

Prepared Pico de Gallo from your produce section.

Small Container of Bleu Cheese Crumbles.
= HeAvEn!!!!

Here is the process...Get a nice size serving bowl like a pasta bowl. Pour chips into bowl. (Tip: cut the bottom of the bag and pour out of the bottom where all the "Uglies"(crumbles and broken chips) are first, that way they are in the bottom of your bowl). Then pour your prepared pico de gallo over the the top of chips and sort of spread it out. (No need to drain) Then sprinkle the small container of bleu cheese crumbles on top. Don't mix it up, it sort of looks like a pile of nachos. Put a nice large serving spoon to the side. Viola!!! It holds up well because the chips are so thick. If you want to you can pop it in the oven and melt the cheese a bit to add a twist to it. You will be the HIT of the party. It looks like something so special, but it sooo easy!!! I get giddy thinking about someone else trying this because it is so delicious!!! CrAzY SiMpLe ToO!!!

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