Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baseball~The End is Near

I can't believe that the end of baseball is near. Back in January, yes, that's what I said "JANUARY" that we would have sat through 50+ games for one boy. The end is near!!! Hallelujah!!! Me and my washing machine need a break!! Our team moved to a competitive league this season and finished in first place for league play! WOW!! The boys have worked so hard and we are extremely proud of them. There have been more exciting games this season and each game could have had a different outcome. The talent of these teams are very close so any given day you never knew what to expect.

We finished playing league play, but still had the end of season tournament and placed second.

Our team getting their 1st place league trophy(s)

Big Daddy handing out individual tournament trophies to the boys.

Our Champions!!!

The boys got some hard earned hardware!

Oh yea, and a little recognition for the lady who keeps the "whites looking white".

Like playing in ONE league is not enough...the end is near, but not over yet. Our other league has one more weekend filled with End of Season Tournament coming up to finish off the season.
What in the heck did we do the 10 years before we had kids??

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