Friday, June 12, 2009

Show Us Where You Live~Bathrooms And Then Some

Welcome back to the latest installment of Kelly's Korner Tour of Homes. This week she is featuring where babies are bathed, girls primp, boys experience their first shaves with Dad's, and mom's escape to... maybe once every three days. You guessed it...bathrooms. Come on in and take a peek.
This is our master bathroom. Rather, I should say the "Family Bathroom". It seems that everyone takes their bath or shower in our bathroom. It actually makes for easy cleaning for me as I only really have to clean one bathroom and maybe just a couple of pottys. (My boys tend to tinkle in EVERY single one in the house). You too? I figured as much.
We want to remodel this bathroom, but can't really land on exactly what we want to do yet. Do we want to replace the wallpaper or do we want to just texture the walls and paint.? I am inspired by so many of your bathrooms and would like to rip out the cabinets, re-tile the floor and shower and for sure get rid of the "gold package" fixtures and lighting.

I love silver frames, accessories, and LAMPS!!

That picture of my oldest little baby...he is only 4 mos old and standing up!! (holding on of course). It is one of my favorites. Now he is eight!

YUCK! The clear shower doors. A nightmare!!

I bought this cute wire tower at a garage sale. I keep it here in the bathroom, but use it at a lot at parties and showers. As you can see by the basket of tub toys, the boys bathe here.

I love having this shelf in the bathroom. In our last home I had it hanging in our kitchen, but could not find a good spot for it once we moved. On a whim when I was nesting like a crazy woman the week before our baby was born, I thought of putting it here. It was a fine sight 9 mos. preggers and helping Big Daddy hang this heavy load up.

I don't have much to say about this picture, except....warning... I live in a house with all boys.

OK, I just wanted to share with you one of my most favorite summer time bath products. I love Calgon's Hawaiian Ginger Body Mist and Lotion. It smells just like tropical summer without smelling like suntan lotion. People always ask me what I am wearing when I have this on.

Looking into our downstairs guest bathroom.
I love walking by and looking in and seeing my little lamp.

My sister and I both bought these little bird feeders at Canton Trade Days a couple years ago. I never could really figure out what to do with it, so I put dried black eyed peas and tea lights in it.

Upstairs Guest Bedroom bathroom.

This is the other side of the guest bedroom bathroom and you can access from the hallway.

Our boys have a jack and jill style bathroom.

The little wooden basket was mine and probably my sister's when we were little.

Big Daddy made the little shelf for me when we moved into our first house, back in the day when everything was mauve and country blue. Boy, has my taste evolved!! Now its black, if ever in doubt, paint it black! That's my theory.

Big Boy's side of the bathroom

I added the ribbons to the top of the shower curtain to spruce it up.

OK....I would be remiss if I didn't include a picture of this...

This is a picture of our back yard and fence. Did I mention I have two boys who love to "water the plants?" I think that qualifies it as a bathroom. ;o) Keepin' it real folks!!! See ya next week!


  1. I love the bird feeder...too cute.

  2. I never knew bathrooms could be so breathtaking!!!

  3. Okay...I so identify with the picture of the back yard. Hence my one boy and one grown-up boy! :-)

  4. Amy, that's so funny - Where's Waldo!! We just have similar taste - that's a compliment to me! What I wanna see is your backyard in multiple photos - wow, that teaser above is gorgeous!!

  5. Okay I promise this will be my last comment. Love the outside pic! Littliest is always asking to pee outside ever since we had to pull over on the side of the road between Houston and Beaumont. He thought that was the coolest and the fact that he got to actually pee on a spider added even more coolness to the story. That was months ago and is still a topic of discussion every road trip.