Saturday, June 6, 2009

Show Us Where You Live~Offices & Boys Rooms

Welcome back to another addition to Kelly's Korner Home Tour. This week she is featuring home offices. We have a true blue "Work from Home" office in our home UGH!! I am almost embarrassed to show you, but here goes...

Big Daddy owns a landscaping company and truly works out of our home and out of his truck. This is the view from the front door. That is what is so bad, it is one of the first things that you see when you walk in our front door. When we did our wood floors we had a lot of woodwork re -stained. However, we haven't gotten around to re-staining the woodwork in the office. Everything in our house had this 1990's pickle stain that has not aged well.

Big Daddy does a lot of things from his "headquarters". He has chaired many golf tournaments, co-chaired the Dad's club at our elementary school, organized teams that our boys have played on, prepared baseball lineups, planned vacations, and oh yes, not to mention run our business. I would not dare show you BEHIND the desk. Hopefully this summer I will dare to help him at least "straighten up" the place.

Baseball corner...Yes, three new bats just this season...(cha-ching$!$) As you can see and they just HAD to be overnighted. Game balls, uniforms, hats, ugh....

This is how I choose to keep the doors...I can't stand it..., but it is HIS space/little pigpen.

I keep my laptop in the kitchen in the butler's pantry. This way I can check e-mail or keeps tabs on my boys when they are on the computer.

I just pull up the bar stool from the island if I need to sit and have a spare stool in the pantry if the boys want to both play games on the computer. I also take the laptop around the house with me so I can watch my DVR'd shows or sit out by the pool.

I am like Kate over at The Flow of Flotrude, I spend most of my days at work, so I thought I would show you my office/Clinic where I work. I job share a school nursing position at a local elementary school and just LOVE it. The clinic that we have in our school is HUGE!!!

Bonus is that it is in the front of the school and has a window so I can see when parents drive up to pick up the their sick kiddo. I have loved working at Green Elementary, I have made a lot of new friends and the kids have been great!

All the letters on the wall are from Nurse's Day and from my class that adopted me this year. I want to give a " Shout Out" to Mrs. Doyle's 4th Grade Class!!! You guys ROCK!! They have given me some awesome things and have spoiled me rotten. I think the best thing was their "Parade of Students" when they brought me "special supplies" for the clinic one day. I just loved it. You know a class is going to be great, by the Fabulous Room Parents and Teacher!!!

Like I said, it has been a great year, but when you say "Good- bye" to one thing, you say "Hello" to the start of something new. I am so fortunate to have been hired to be the new school nurse in the brand new elementary school in our town. I am so excited!! We got to actually go into our new school last weekend and here is a picture of my new clinic.

Ta Da!!!!
It is MUCH smaller

No window, but all NEW stuff!!!! The big two door cabinet goes in the bathroom for supplies.

Nice counter tops and alot of storage for the small space.

I can't WAIT to get in here and get it all set up and decorated for my students. I have alot of ideas about what I want to do. I have loved job sharing and shared space with a WONDERFUL nurse, but I a so excited to have everything be MY OWN!!!

I was so busy last week with tying up loose ends with school and will recap the last 10 days of all the school activities in my next post. We had 7 baseball games in 5 days, plus parties, school, church, etc... You ALL have been there!!! However, I didn't get a chance to post my boy's rooms so I am tacking them on here. Just a quick peek....

This is Little Man's room. I love this black bed because it has a trundle under it in that box drawer thing. We just recently put this furniture in here as my big boy got a double bed. This bed used to be in his room and little man used to sleep on the trundle bed, despite the fact that he had his own room and own toddler bed. We hadn't really felt like upgrading his bed, because he was still sleeping in the same room with Big Bro.

The denim chair is actually a glider rocker and was in both of the boy's nurseries.

Cowboy theme, for my little buckaroo.

This is a potting stand that I bought at Canton Trade Days that Big Daddy painted. We added the buffalo check cushion and used it as a changing table. It is still in Kyle's room with toys on the shelves. He doesn't really ask about the cushion, so I have left it on there. It is really hard for me the transition to the BIG BOY room, because the rooms were not really real "babyish" to begin with. Once where we stored pampers,we now store power rangers, backugons, and matchbox cars.

This is my Big Boy's room. We haven't found a headboard yet for him. My sister gave us the bed unexpectedly a couple of months ago, so I just sort of through some stuff together for Zack's bed. He loves the big bed. You can see all the "cuteness" is starting to disapper and "sports posters" are about to dominate.

Sports Trophy's and team pictures. The batting helmet on top is signed by the Texas A&M Aggies Baseball team from last year. They were the Big 12 Conference Champions and Zack attended their baseball camp and got the know #44~Luke Anders aka "Big Donkey". He is their 1st baseman. Like my nephew Ben who plays baseball for Texas Tech said, when they played against Luke and the Aggies..."he is the biggest player I have ever seen". He is a Beast, but the nicest guy around.

Zack's reading area. He does not share his mother's love of reading. Dr. Seuss has been replaced with Sports Illustrated for Kids and Professional Team game programs.

This is a shot looking into the boy's if they only took their bath's in there. I guess we will get to see the bathrooms next week!!!
***Special thanks to Cheri at Cheri Quite Contrary for her assistance with my technical difficulties!!! Thanks new friend!!!


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    Good luck! (If this is a clear as mud, let me know!! lol

  2. Great looking rooms, I LOVE your boys rooms, the Texas flag above the bed is AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Yes!! I figured it out - when you entered the address to Kelly's blog, you didn't erase the first http://. If you look, there are 2 - http://http://www.kellys.........

    Do it again, but make sure there is only 1 http:// and you will be set!

  4. Seven baseball games in 5 days. Been there before and boy, do I feel your pain! A funny coincidence - I just emptied out that same beige wire basket of baseballs this week! My older son kept all his homerun balls in it, but there were too many to fit, so we had to "upsize"!

  5. Um....I LOVE that Texas Room!!! And...your similar to one I've had my eye on!! Oh...and make sure to check out my blog today...HINT HINT!!