Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness

Today is the first day of March Madness for College Basketball. I don't really follow college basketball, but LOVE college football, and starting to have a passion for college baseball.

I am particularly fond of THIS player, my nephew Ben Flora #28 for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. He is a left hand pitcher and was the 2008 Texas 5A Player of the Year. His team, The Plano West Wolves won the 5A Texas State Baseball Championship. Go Wolf Pack!

He is a true freshman.

I gotta thing for crisp new "white" uniform pants.

But you are gonna need a big 'ole jug of this for a boy with white baseball pants!!

OK, OK....I know the title of this post is March Madness, but I tend to get a little carried away when it comes to those I love, and the things that those I love,...LOVE.

I decided that it would be fun if Hubs, the boys, and I all filled out a bracket for the NCAA tournament. Got this great idea from BooMama. So this morning the boys and I filled out the brackets and it took.........FOREVER!!! ( what was I thinking?) Little Man wanted to know EVERY team that I had picked or Big Boy had picked. Who did Dad pick? Oh my gosh!! I kept telling him, its "YOUR" choice. I read him the information, stats, seeds, looked at the mascots, etc... and then explained it was "your choice". As I was telling him that (for the 100th time), I realized it was just like Love and Logic Parenting. As parents we lead by example and hopefully our offspring will REMEMBER our example and hopefully CHOOSE to follow suit. I was so encouraged that he was following my lead that I was actually having an "ah ha~ pat pat on my back " kind of moment. It made it all worth the painstakingly time it took to get the brackets done.

This is us looking at the different teams. Yes, that's me STILL in my pj's. Hey!! Cut me some slack....Its Spring Break!!!

Finished brackets~ready to roll, just in time for the first tip off.

Big Boy and I are in the lead for now....We gotta figure out a prize for the winner!!

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