Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break 2009

We are offically on Spring Break and The Hargroves are having an old fashion "Staycation". We have started this week off with lots of sleepovers, playdates, and swimming. Hubs decided that it would be worth a "pot full of money" for our sanity to heat our pool for the week so the boys would have something to do at the first sign of the dreaded words..."I'm Bored". Now we can say, get your suit on and let's SWIM!!! I can say in the last two days I think we have gotten our money's worth! We started off Monday morning with the pool around 78 degrees. The boys would get in the hottub after swimming to warm up. (Thanks Dad!) It was actually warmer in the water than it was outside. The boys are swimming with some friends Kasen and Keegan who spent the night. They had a good time having the Handals spend the night. They live close, but not close where we see that often. Fun times!!!

Off to the Rocket Park at lunch for a picnic with more friends, The Moye Boys. Thanks Mrs. Marianne for thinking of that!!! Marianne and I had fun catching up with each other while the kids played. This was fun to break up the day!!

This is why they call it the "rocket park". This 3 story play structure is like a space ship. It is really fun and the kids had a blast.

The Hargrove Lagoon at 90 degrees!!

Back in the pool with friends from our street.
Ziggy (aka Kyle), Jackson, Mitch, Zack, and E-Man (aka Ethan).

My Big Boy

Little Man

The boys look like they are hanging on for dear life on the edge of the pool, they are actaully VERY good swimmers and we call them "Water Dogs". They love to swim thanks to their fabulous teacher, Mrs. Margaret. She is known as "THE" swim teacher around these parts. Your kiddo WILL be swimming by that 9th lesson!! She is amazing and worth the moola!!

Oh what a fun filled day!!! Early dinner and those boys sure slept good!!! Happy Spring Break!!

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun! I wish we had an outdoor water park in wyoming! But its way too cold for that here!

    Have a great day!