Sunday, February 22, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Oh my goodness!! I have had the worst weekend with technical difficulties with my computer. My husband thinks that I must have some kind of magnetic force surrounding me that makes anything electronic break. My coffee pot no longer turns on when I turn it on, then hours later I smell something very "caffieninated smelling" and the durn thing has turned on and brewed the coffee. I don't know what that is all about.

I was looking at Facebook the other day and saw that one of my "friends" had joined a group that had the capabilities to put cute wallpaper on my profile. I am all about "cutesy" and joined the group and added a cute wallpaper to my profile. BIG MISTAKE!! I got that terrible Trojan virus on my computer and I totally had a cancer that metasized all over my entire computer. I am hopeful that we are now in "remission". Hubs not too happy with me now and says "I owe him big time now". Uh oh....what does that mean??

This here is my precious and most talented nephew. John Bennett, aka...JB, Bubbie, Ben. I guess you could say the boy had some "technical difficulties" himself today too. He got his first start, pitching for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. "Whoo Hoo...Get Your Guns Up!!"
Word from the folks (proud momma and poppa, my sister and bro-in-law) that he had a rough start in the first inning he pitched, but had a great inning the next. I think it was just the jitters and he is ready to roll now that the nerves have settled down. The boy is talented and we are so excited to have another generation at our alma mater.
That about wraps it up for today...The Academy Awards are on tonight and I love to see the red carpet. Please pray that I don't have technical difficulties turning on the TV, that would be just about my kind of luck.

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