Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2nd Annual Spencer Squire All*Star Golf Tournament

On Sunday my family and many many friends participated in the 2nd Annual Spencer Squire All*Star Golf Tournament. This tournament is very near and dear to our hearts to us, to our community, and many others in Texas and across the United States. This tournament is in memory of our sweet little friend Spencer Squire who unexpectedly passed away August 2007 from an undetected brain tumor. His heroic parents have been such pillars or strength and examples of how God provides the Grace we need. In just mere months after going home to heaven, Spencer's parents held the first annual All*Star golf tournament to raise money for a playground at our elementary school. It was a huge success and it is hard to believe that another year has gone by and the 2nd annual tournament is now history. One of the organizations that will receive benefits from the tournament is the Southwest Transplant Alliance and Spencer will be featured on the Organ Donation float in the Tournament of Roses Parade held on New Year's Day 2010.

This is Spencer's momma and my dear friend Anna, little brother Ryan, sassy cousin Sophia, and neighbor Will. ( Will's daddy was co-chair of the event this year- Great job Jeff!)

Spencer's Aunt and Uncle~Margo and Chris Dailey~aka "Sophia's mom and dad".
I didn't think anyone could be closer than my sister and me, but Margo and Anna just might be tied with us! I am having an "ah-ha moment". Those closest to me, all have sisters and have really close relationships with them. Hmmmm... Don't you just love your Sister??
This silly girl is my friend Marianne. (yes, she has a sista!) Our assignment was to be witnesses for a chance for a hole in one on this particular hole. We had a great time sitting and catching up with interruption from our precious angels. We did have a BIG laugh when one of the golfers drove up and asked us if the pink blanket was a "Snuggie". The weather was nice, but windy and it had a little bite to it out on the course, especially in shade like we were.
Of course, this is a family event and Anna thinks of EVERYTHING! She planned all kinds of things for the kids to do while the parents were volunteering or golfing. She had a lemonade stand, a kid's putting contest, kid's silent auction, and this awesome video game van that pulled u and you could play games on the inside, and guitar hero, and Wii on the outside. It was a big hit and all the mom's were thinking " Next Birthday Party!"

But of course...you should never count out "Old Fashion Fun" with a pick up game of touch football. You know football is KING in Texas!
Spencer's buddies playing football.
Spencer would have loved all the festivities and celebration that took place. He would have been right in the middle of it!! Crazy smiley face and crystal blue eyes. We miss you buddy, but your legacy lives on in all of us.

To learn more about Spencer Squire or about becoming an organ donor see the below links:

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