Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Howl Of The Coyotes

My oldest played in the 1st Annual Scout Baseball Tournament this weekend. Actually we are still in the tournament, but tonight the boys found out they are seeded in first place going into tomorrow's games. The Coyotes played so well, their bats were hot and their defense was tough. The start of each game the announcer called out the full line up and each boy ran out as their name was called. It was also the first time the boys played in a tournament where they played our country's National Anthem. It was a really cool experience.

This is my boy, the lead off batter as he is at his first time at bat. This ended up being a HOME RUN!!! Therefore I have NO pictures of my boy running the bases because I was to busy jumping up and down, cheering him on. I was so excited because it was his first home run of the season. I will try better next time.

This is Ziggy and his buddy Keagen doing the thing they love the best, helping out in the concession stand, where all the candy and snacks are.

Making the "big sale" to Ms. Allison. Do they look like they know how to make change??

Who wouldn't want to buy something from these guys??
Go Coyotes!!
Did I forget to mention "We Love Baseball??"

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  1. Ohhhh these pictures are precious. Zach looks huge!! And could Kyle BE any cuter with his jaggedy teeth!!
    I miss my cousins!