Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday To My Henry

I am so late in getting these birthday party pictures of my oldest posted. Zack's birthday was right in the middle of our Family Dance and Auction marathon week. I might not be mother of the year, but I will be crowned Volunteer of the Year!! :-) I worked really hard to make sure that we celebrated his birthday BEFORE the actual day, even if it was going to KILL me!
Zack decided that he wanted to go the the Dallas Stars game and have a few friends spend the night.
OK...what was I thinking??

Our friend Geoff Moore,who works for the Dallas Stars gave the boys a behind the scene tour of the American Airlines Center.

"The Fan Zam"

This was one of the funniest moments. The boys caught a glance of the Dallas Stars Ice Girls up close and got all giddy and silly like a bunch of little girls. Do you remember Selena Ray from American Idol about 10 seasons ago? She came in like 5th place, she is a Dallas Stars Game Night Personality and goes around the arena for little "fan bites" and she came up and gave Zack a big kiss. He blushed all sorts of red and could not hold back how embarrassed he was. My boy has a big problem with pride and for him to show his feelings with out holding back was really surprising. He is always "Mr. Cool Beans".

Look at their cheesy boy smiles.
The Dallas Mavericks Locker Room, they practice and play at the AAC.

MORE Girls!!! More Giddy Boy Smiles.

We got to stand in the tunnel outside of the Dallas Stars locker room and watch and cheer on the players before they hit the ice. We were not allowed to take pictures once they opened the doors. It was interesting to see that Mike Modano was the last player out of the locker room.

Zack and one of his friends John got to ride the Fan Zam Zambonie during an intermission with, you guessed it...One of the Ice Girls!....GULP!!! And apparently a Girl Scout...don't you think that was sort of an Oxymoron moment and maybe a boy buzz kill?

Yes, he complained that his arm was tired from all the waving he had to do. Poor thing!

Once we home at 11:00 PM, the Wii Basketball Tournament began.
Like I said earlier....What was I thinking??

Notice the tournament bracket on the wall...you know how we love brackets!!

When I was picking up all the clothes, socks, video games, etc..I saw this book on the floor. Are you familiar with this book? It is written by an eight year old boy from observations he made at his elementary school. I had to just laugh when I saw it, because all I could think of was how silly the boys were when they saw the Ice Girls and how speechless they were.

We survived the night and the boys didn't last too long. Another birthday marked and celebrated. Happy Birthday my sweet boy Zack Henry. We love you!!

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