Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday John Bennett!!

I would like to say Happy 19th Birthday to my nephew Ben today!!! Here he is with my oldest Zack and buddy Davis at the Texas Tech vs. OU Baseball game last weekend. It is hard to believe that he is 19 years old today. Like his sister said, "not alot happens anymore when you turn 19". Your still a teenager, but there isn't a big milestone any more. Anyway....Happy Birthday JB! It is also my Dad's birthday, who he is named after. My dad passed away coming up on 25 years ago this August and I think it is really cool that they share the same day. I am so grateful that we have this boy to focus on this day from now on. My dad would have loved his first grandson had they had the chance to meet.

We had a really great time when we traveled to OU to see the Red Raiders play. Ben was such a good sport and got his teammates to autograph baseballs for the boys. I think they each walked away with four practice balls each and one game ball. (My Hubby kept that one).

The boys watched the game the whole time from the rail and they could see right into the Texas Tech dug out. It was really cool to see the players up close like that. This was HOW they got so many balls. As the boys walked back in between innings, they would toss the baseball to the fans. Our boys had a little bit of an edge because the boys called the players by their names and it worked like a charm!!

Then after the game the players were so great with stopping and signing autographs for the boys. If you have never gone to a college baseball game, you should. The players are so accessible and they LOVE their fans. We had a very similar experience when we went to Texas A&M. The Aggies LOVE their fans too. Enough about Aggie Baseball.....THIS is about Texas Tech Baseball.
Autographs from Head Coach Dan Spencer. This is his first year as Head Coach for Texas Tech. He has won 2 College World Series at Oregon State. The cool thing is that he used to play for Tech when he was in college.

We Love Baseball...

and the Texas Tech Red Raiders...

and you, John Bennett!! Happy Birthday!

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  1. Love this as I have an older son that is going to college and we would give our eye teeth for him to play ball. What position does your nephew play?