Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scrambled Eggs

Why Scrambled Eggs for the name of this blog?? Is it because things get so crazy here that things are all scrambled up? Yes, but really, it is because it is the one thing that my oldest could and would eat morning, noon, and night if I let him. The boy loves scrambled eggs!! He thinks the BEST dinner is when we go to IHOP for dinner. Sometimes in the mornings when we are all "scrambling around", (no pun intended) time is running out, and we need to hit the road; I ask him what he wants to eat for breakfast praying the whole time "please just let it be a bowl of cereal, microwave pancakes, or a banana. Without fail it is always scrambled eggs.

Who in their right mind wouldn't drop everything, be a little late, and do whatever it takes to help this boy start his day off right??

Guess what I made for breakfast...

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