Thursday, February 19, 2009

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Gracie!!
Today is my sweet niece Grace, aka...Gracie, Sissy, G-Flo's 22nd Birthday. Happy Birthday!! This pic is of my Little Man, Grace, and her big sister Hannah doing the thing Gracie likes to do most,COOK! A girl after my own heart! She is the only beautiful, sorority girl, college student, fashion plate that I know that takes a cake decorating class while in college and get excited about pots,pans, and dishes!!! That girl loves to cook! I look at her and we have so many of the same characteristics and crazy quirks. Thank you Gracie for never conforming to what others do and always being who you are!! We love you!! ( I did this post in crimson in honor of your Oklahoma Boomer Sooners!)

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