Friday, February 13, 2009

Momma Is Getting Ready For Valentines Day

Man O Man...I hit the floor running today. I was so behind getting treats for my sweets because I have been so busy the last week working and being exhausted from "Flu Season" (My friend Tricia, calls it Tax Season for nurses). Nothing like dropping off your preschooler at school and saying " Honey, Mommy will be back with Valentines for your teacher in a little bit" to a sweet boy who has painstakingly worked on his valentines for classmates all week. Sweet Boy! time to feel guilty, push the stabbed heart back down and mom on a mission in search of something to give to 5 teachers that doesn't look like you just drove through the flower tent set up on the local grocery store parking lot for last minute husbands. And definitely a step above something from the local drug store that says "As Seen On TV" on the box. I needed some fuel to think, so I made a quick stop at Sonic for a DP to contemplate my strategy and logistics. Caffeined up! I landed at Ikea... and got these cute felt blanket for 4.99. JACKPOT!

I tied them up with cute ribbon and clever note and I was done! They turned out cute and were a huge hit! I guess the teachers can curl up with their throws and eat one of the many box of chocolates they got today. Hey, maybe I should have gotten myself one?...oh yea...I did!!

Mission One accomplished...Now off to Number One Boys Valentine Party. I am not a room parent this year and it is so nice just to breeze in at party time to help out, but not be responsible for everyones fun. Thank goodness I am not the one having to read the story after everyone is whipped up on candy, adrenaline, and oh yea, more chocolate.

My boy looks like one of the kiddos in Diane Sawyer's report on the people in the Appalachian Mountains with no teeth. I swear to you he doesn't drink Mountain Dew!!

Numero Uno and buddy Isaiah
Yes, Its February 13th and my boy is in shorts and a short sleeve shirt. That's Texas for ya!

Party over, Mission Two accomplished...30 minutes left before I have to pick up The Zizgmister. Can I get the Valentines for boys wrapped up before I snatch him?...hmmm...Main item bought-check!, (have to wait until tomorrow's post to see), cutting through parking lot and get idea for Hubs, swing into store # 2,-check!, have little over 10 minutes left and that is enough time to drop off item for monogramming at Eagle Designs -no time to chit chat with Nancy...Time to head to preschool. Going to have to make a Target run later to get birthday present anyway, maybe I can finish Valentines then.
Picked up Little Man and he was so excited to show me all of his valentines. He is so grateful for the small things in life. Treated my trooper to a Cherry Limeade with 2 cherries at Sonic.

I won't bore you with the rest of the saga on getting the Valentines finished, but they are bought, but not yet pulled all together for presentation. Maybe I will just get up early in the morning and put on the finishing touches. Numero Uno had a fun play date after school with his teammate Jake. He got home just in time for Ziggy's flag football practice. Zig is at a birthday party/sleepover with best bud Will for the night. So, that means Numbero Uno gets the folks all to himself, not to mention gets to sleep on the "sacred" pallet in our room. We had a fun dinner with The Renfros at Scotty P's. Mike is an assistant coach for football and Leslie is one of my accountability sisters. Nothing like burgers on a Friday night. Yippee...I didn't have to cook. While we were eating at Scotty P's, we saw one of our other accountability sisters, Tricia. This town is so small!! That's why we love it. I also saw one of my students there as well as two other students while I was finishing the now dreaded valentines after dinner at CVS. :-)

One last thing....I am going to share, I did a little secret thing for a couple of my accountability sisters tonight. Shhh.....I put these in their mailboxes with a little encouraging note.

These are Ultra Concentrated Joy for use when you feel like you have been attacked by the "Joy Suckers" in life. May we all find the Joy in everything we do! Hmmmm.....I think Valentines have now become "Joy Suckers".... Be Encouraged!!

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