Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Sigh Of Relief

I am so relieved!! My meetings for our Family Dance and Auction are over and went really well. Thank you to my accountability sisters for your prayers. Leslie, you are so sweet. After I had made the big presentation, my cell phone rang because I had forgotten to silence it. When I looked at it, there was an e-mail from you with a quick prayer and scripture. Thank you so much!! I know you and the Big Man pulled me through on that one.

We got great response from our room parents and they seem so excited about the challenge. Here are a few pictures from the event last year. We worked really hard and we are so lucky to have such great volunteers that help out. You can "feel the love" when working with these people.

We did this rainbow in memory of a very special student 1st grader ~ Spencer Squire, who passed away right before school started last year. They are very close friends of ours and rainbows have been very significant to Spencer's family and friends since he passed away. It was only fitting to honor our friend and fellow student someway at our event.

We turned the trophy cases into a bakery and restaurant store front.

This area was all the food/restaurant auction items.One of our talented moms, Lori Chalson made these silhouettes by free-handing them. They were amazing!

I had to show you one more.

Me, Betsy, and Judi

Betsy has been in charge of the silent auction set up for many years. Last year she handed the reigns over to me. Whoa!! Those are some BIG shoes to fill. Judi is our PTA President. I am so lucky to call both of these ladies my friends, and bonus that they both live right by me!!

As you can see, this is a big undertaking and takes alot of blood, sweat, tears from many and not to mention prayers and support from my sweet friends and family. I know that they will see me though and today, I was encouraged.

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