Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day-A recap in pictures

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. We had a fun filled day today. Not alot of special stuff planned, just a basketball game and then some "down time" at home. (even caught a nap today) Hubs had a coaches meeting for football this morning and we were lucky to have my sister, E-Rich, and my niece Grace come watch Zack's game. Grace is a senior at OU and was in town for an interview with the Richards Group, a really well thought of advertising agency. It is odd thinking that in a few months she will be a sorority girl turned working girl.
Here is the re-cap...
YUM! Brownies...I know they are from a box, but they are Ghirardelli. I can't do better than that. Notice, the coffee cup...that is my java to help me in my recovery from the joy sucking valentine day preparation from last night.
Little Man helping make the heart shape brownies. We had extra batter, so we made some regular ones. Muffin style brownies are the best, each one has an edge.

Chocolate hearts from my sister and family. Love the sports themed boxes. She knows her nephews!!

Musical cards from my mom, Meemomommie. She loves those musical cards and so does Little Man. She even put 10 crisp $1.00 bills in each card. Thanks Meemommie!!

The coveted "Allen Eagle" Footballs that my boys have been wanting. Numero Uno was upset that we had gotten one for a friend for a birthday present and he didn't even have one yet. Little did he know... Our Allen Eagles won the 5A State Championship this year! Go Eagles!!

These are few of the goodies in the boys valentine sacks. Their tastes are different as night and day. One LOVES sweets, the other not so much!! I like them both!!

This is my Valentine to myself...I still have Christmas dishes on my dining room table and can't seem to get them put away. I need to get this area cleaned off so I can set up to work in here for our school's biggest fundraiser of the year, our family dance and auction.

Mission Accomplished!! It is a good feeling to finally have that done. I am so embarrassed that it is February 14th and the last of Christmas is finally put away. Happy Valentines to me!!!

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  1. hello! i found your blog thru kelly's korner, just thought i'd stop and say hi! your brownies look so yummy, i love the little heart shaped muffin pan.
    congrats on your Christmas items being put away, i just put the last of ours away 2 weeks ago, had them stashed in our spare bedroom! :)
    stop by our blog anytime! -tara