Thursday, May 21, 2009

Field Trips

Fields Trips...didn't you just love 'em when you went as a kid? It is one of those things that just isn't the quite the same when you go as an adult and chaparone. My second grader, soon to be third grader had a field trip to the Rough Riders baseball game.

Here is Zack's class getting ready to load the bus. Zack is the one there with arms cross thinking there mymomis with her dang camera AGAIN!! Whoo Hoo!! Parents didn't have to ride the bus, you could just follow behind in your own car!

The Frisco Rough Riders is a Minor League Baseball team, but they have a wonderful facility and they do great things for our surrounding communities and it is a great family day venue. I wasn't sure what the purpose of this particular field trip was going to be, but soon found out that it was "Elementary School Day". Uh Huh!!! about 6000 kids! You had to be affiliated with a school to get tickets to the game.

It was a beautiful day, but HOT!!

Our school getting recognized on the jumbo tron

Trip to the souvenir shop for trinkets. Why else do you want mom to come on the trip??
Zack got a pennant for his room and a BIG foam finger!

Mom comes for a moment like this.
I love you Zack and am so proud of you.

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