Thursday, May 21, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday~Dining Rooms

Welcome back for the newest installment of Kelly's Korner Tour of Homes. This week we are touring all over the counrty and taking a peak at where families gather around the table to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and family dinners. Welcome to my dining room, the second least frequented room in my home. (We celebrate most holiday meals at my sisters.)

We bought this dining room furniture 16 years ago and it is really traditional. I pride myself on being a traditionalist, but this is a little formal for us now. However, I don't like change very well, so it stays for now.

This is looking into the dining room from our living room. (the LEAST frequented room in my home). I run into the living room when I talk on the phone to escape my boys and the sound of Sponge Bob Square Pants. The moldings are done very nice in here, traditional, but nice.

I added the shades to the existing brass chandlier. I wanted to change the thing so bad when we first moved in, but now I am embarassed to say it has sort of become invisible to me. Lookie that a light bulb burned out? Nice!

But I am the Queen of the dimmer switch. If everylight in the house could have a dimmer on it, I would be a happy woman. I don't really like overhead light to begin with, but can work with it if it has a dimmer.

Looking back into the living room

{entry way light with a dimmer :-)}

I bought this piece two houses ago and it has been in a different room in each house. I store placemats and candles here. In our last house this was in our family and I kept a downstairs supply of diapers and wipes for quick changes. The picture is a Windberg that used to be in my MeeMaw's apartment.

This is the butler's pantry right inside the kitchen area. I use it for my laptop and sort of desk area. Hey! There are my two sweet nieces on the screensaver!!

This sofa table was a wedding present 18 years ago!! It has seen ALL the homes we have lived in. A long time ago a decorator friend told me that when you have an accessory table you should have 3 things on it. Well, I have 3 vingettes going on here. 3 finials from Hobby Lobby, a clock, and a cake plate with 3 rose bowls with candles on top. I think I pushed the "rule" to the limit here. The clock is one I treated myself to a couple of years ago from a place in Plano called AntiqueStop.

This is my formal dinnerware (you know, because we are SO formal). I chose Lenox Eternal pattern because it has a classic look and my mom and sister have a pattern called Mansfield that looks almost identical. When we have a shower,we have 36 salad plates between the three of us!! In addition to the Eternal salad plates, I also selceted to get the Holiday salad plates when I did my wedding registry. This was a BOLD step 18 years ago when I got married. All in all I am still really happy with the choices I made back then. We still have and use the white Mikasa pattern that I chose for our everyday dishes.

In the last several years my mom started this pattern for me which I LOVE! It is Christmas Tree Grove by Spode. This is much more my style and we use it for our everyday dishes during the holidays. It is a litte different than the traditional Spode Christmas pattern.

When we first moved into this house, it had carpet in the living and dining rooms, so when we put down the hardwood floors we needed a rug for the dining room. We found this rug at Costco for not much money and it has worked great!! We thought it would get the job done for now, you know those kind of purchases. You spent your bundle on the the floors, but now you need a rug for cheap. The durn thing has actually grown on me. It stays for now.

I thought I would throw in a picture of my family at my sister's house and HER dining room, this is where we usually gather to celebrate! Thanks for stopping by and see ya next week. Y'all come back now!!!


  1. wow - so stunning- really great pieces you have in there - LOVE the moldings and all your finishing touches. Want to come and help me out!

  2. I love your dining room!! It is so pretty and I love your style!!! Great job!

  3. I LOVE the polka dot pots on the table! So cute!

  4. You have a beautiful home! Thanks for the tour!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  5. Love it. Your wall treatment, your furniture, love your gold finials and that great butlers pantry !!!

    Thanks for sharing !

  6. Oooooooh, I just love it all..I think the best thing is the last picture with all of you around the table though...picture perfect.

    The rug is gorgeous and the paint color is too!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. looks like a GRAND place for a dinner party! thanks for sharing!

  8. Love it, girl! Had no idea you were doing this. I'm still very new and lots to learn.

    LOVE the house.

    By the way...I TOO am a Dimmer Queen!! :-)