Friday, May 1, 2009

A Royal Hodge Podge

This week at Ziggy's preschool they had a Nature Expo Open House and the parents were invited to come tour all the work that kids had done while studying nature. This was the display from Zig's class and they had studied earth worms and had done an estimation experiment on the fragility of eggs. (OK, those were not preschool words!)
This was Kyle's clay model of a bird's nest


and more worms.
I am a Registered Nurse and have been job sharing a school nurse position at a wonderful elementary school this year. I have been blessed with the fantastic opportunity to help open a brand spankin' new school in our town and I am just beside myself with excitement. Don't get me wrong, I am so sad to leave my family at the school I am currently at, but this is not an opportunity that happens everyday.
The new school staff got together yesterday at a local restaurant to get to know one another. There were alot of news faces, but a few that I already knew. I have already had the pleasure to meet and already work a little bit with the new office staff when we had our Kindergarten Roundup Registration last month.
Here are my new partners in crime.

and the rest of our posse'

This morning my oldest was awarded a position on the All*Star Team at his school during a Pride Assembly. Each six weeks every teacher gets to pick two students per class that exhibit Patriot Pride among the classmates. We are so proud of him, he has been named to the team all three years.
They get hacky sacks as the award, plus a dog tag for their back packs. He looks like a "gangsta" here in this picture, I am sure he will look back on pictures someday and wonder why he was always a punk in pictures. Peace signs, bunny ears, or overflowing 'tude. Lil Punk!, but an All*Star Punk.
We have a full weekend filled with sports, parties, and of course always....laundry.
Will see you again when I come up for air!!!

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