Sunday, May 3, 2009

Havana Nights

On Friday night we went to a Havana Nights fundraiser for our elementary school. We actually sold the tickets for this party at our Family Dance and Auction about a month ago. It was so popular that all the tickets were sold in 15 minutes. People were racing in to get their names on the list, it is a perfect way to get people to the auction EARLY!!

Our wonderful hosts for the event were Ron and Shana Bentson, this is Shana and one of my BFF's Marianne.
The concept is this...Barcardi (yes, the makers of the rum and Grey Goose Vodka) come and host an instructional event. They bring in all the fixins for the drinks, along with bartenders to instruct you how to make tasty Martinis, Mojitos, and shaken Daiquiris.

This was the instructional bar where they walk you through how to make the drinks. You had the choice of Limon, Raspberry, or Classic. They were all very delish!!

My girlfriend Rhonda "muddling" her Limon Mojito

Me, MA, Anna, and Kari

MA trying out a shakin' thang

Our Posse' of friends.

MA's husband Todd kept making fun of her darling off the shoulder shirt . He said it looked like when he tries to dress their little girl and Claire's arm goes through the neck hole instead of the arm hole. He kept saying "you think you have that shirt on right?"

We have had so much rain here in Dallas that the humidity made it feel like we were in Havana Cuba. It was such a fun party. Big Daddy told me that we were not going to stay very long, but guess who stayed until after 1:00!!! We are NOT spring chickens either!!
As if a late Havana Night wasn't enough...we had to hit it hard Saturday morning with two games for Ziggy. Big Daddy is the coach for both... Eye yaya....why did we stay out so late?? Can you say Starbucks?? The Little Coyotes had their first baseball game. They did AWESOME!! We only had 2 practices because we have been playing flag football this spring. They are all 4 and 5 year olds playing up with 6 year olds in Modified Coach Pitch. MCP is where they get 4 pitches from the coach and then if they can't hit it they get to use the tee. Big Daddy said he couldn't handle another season with the little guys in regular t-ball so he moved them up a league. It looks like we will be just fine there.

Then it was off to football, our last game of the season. Almost all of these little guys play on the same baseball team. For some reason we got placed in a division where everyone is BIG and going into 1st grade. YIKES!! It has been a very tough season. We will be ready for Fall football!!

You would never think that Zig just lost 24-0 would ya?

Kyle and several of his classmates from preschool play together on the Patriots and their sweet teachers came to see them play yesterday. Thank you Mrs. Stevenson and McClintic!!
Time to hit the showers...or maybe just take a nap!!

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