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Happy Cinco de Mayo

This is going to be a Cinco de Mayo themed post today. I have been wanting to post the pictures from the fundraiser that I co-chaired at my son's elementary school about a month ago. There was so much work that went into it and my family sacrificed so much during those10 days that I hadn't had the energy to put the pictures up and do them justice. However, in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo and mere coincidence that the theme was Fiesta, this seems to be the perfect day for the pictures!
We had this fun mariachi band that greeted the guests when they checked in.They wandered up and down the halls playing and entertained while people they dined on the Mexican food (my favorite) from On The Border. I have to confess when I walked out of the auction room after I had made the final touches and opened the doors to the public,I saw these guys and their sounds were music to my years and I got a little weepy. It hit me all the hard work we had done and now was the time for it to pay off. The mariachi band really set the mood for the evening! OK, lets go see all the stuff!!!

Welcome to the 4th Annual Boon Family Dance and Silent Auction!!

We had a cool patio heater, a fire pit, hammock and stand, not to mention this umbrella and PRECIOUS cooler on wheels to bid on. This first room is where I usually put all the summertime fun stuff. Everything is usually so bright and cheery and people are usually VERY excited about summer stuff.

All the fun stationary paper signs in the buckets have a different item for sale. I LOVE this part because get to matched the donation to the paper. So if it a family fun pack for bowling, I get bowling paper. If it is a certificate for dance lessons/camp, ballerina paper and so on. In this picture it is all the things you can do over the summer. Water parks, adventure parks, fun camps, festivals, rodeos, museums, symphony tickets, and SO MUCH MORE!

This is still same area, but the cute fire pit and accessories to make s'mores. Also on this side was family getaway trips, and weekends ventures. My girlfriends and I bought a night at a local resort last year from here and we went and stayed there over Mother's Day weekend and had spa treatments and sat out by the pool. We had a blast, and each of us brought something for the group, like cute flip flops, night gowns, etc...OK, enough of that, back to the auction...

Kid Summer Time Fun

This one was "Changes In Latitude, Changes in Attitude meets Margaritaville"

This is 2 VIP carpool lane spots, "Come rain or shine, be 1st in line", and also a Reserved Parking Spot with your family's name on the sign. We added these to the auction for the 1st time last year and 2 of the same people bought them again this year. You should have seen the people hovering over these items!!!

This is the PARTY section. It is filled with different types of parties like dance, skating, pizza, gymnastics, swimming, etc... Also there is the cute display that was "Birthday Party Celebration" with the cute blow up birthday cake, and way too cute birthday party accessories. The big pink "fluffy" chair was a display that was done by 2 of our second grade classes. It was called "Tween Queen" and also featured an iPod Nano with it. You also could bid on Happy Meals~one a week for a year!

Take a look at those beautiful pinatas. They were handmade by some of our very talented moms. Let me tell you, they were exquisite. We auctioned them off for 25.00 each and we had 10 of them and they were some of the hottest selling things! ChaChing...$250.00!!

" Girly Girls "and all things "Juicy" were in this other chair done by two other second grade classes. One of our 5th grade classes sponsored the Jonas Brothers Concert tickets for 4 lucky girls that will be here in Dallas in June. Those tickets were the highest bid item sold.

You can catch a glimpse of mom's and ladies section. We had massages, facials, housekeeping services, wine tasting parties, clothes, mani/pedis, flower arrangements, jewelry, Vera Bradley Miller bag and makeup bag, and so much more.

I loved these dog displays and so did everyone. They had dog sitting and grooming service gift certificates included. This one was done by two of our 3rd grade classes for "big dogs" and it was called "Bad to the Bone."

Two other 3rd grade classes created this one for "small" dogs and it was called "Beverly Hills Chichaua. Everyone loved looking at these because the displays were so different from anything that we have had in the past.

6th grade sponsored "Family Movie and Game Night" We also had a stand alone item of an autographed picture of John Travolta. See that popcorn bowl? I WANT IT!! Visit www.swoozies.com

6th grade also did this "Road Trip" display an put all the goodies in a cool container that you stash stuff away in the back of your car or SUV. It also had a portable DVD player, hotel gift cards, and snacks that you eat on road trips like chips, sunflower seeds, and beef jerky. What do you eat on road trips??

We call this the Dad's section, minus the scary leprechaun twirler girl poster thing. We featured Nascar, horse track, soccer, hockey, football, and baseball tickets. The poster thing on the wall was a vendor donation of a life sized poster of your child that you could have produced and hang it in you kiddos bed or game room. I was pumped when we found out that we were getting it because it isn't a cheap thing to have done and I knew we could hang it in our sports area, and would be real popular. Well...when we got it, it was of this twirler, not that there is anything wrong with twirlers, but when you think you are getting a baseball or football player, it just isn't the same. I got the giggles so bad I had to walk away....hehehe. I think by that time I was on day 5 of sleep deprivation.

Sports memorabilia. We had a football signed by Texas Tech Football Coach, Mike Leach, Dallas Stars jersey signed by Mike Modano, signed Dallas Mavericks basketball, signed photos of Jason Kidd, Earl Campbell, and someone else, I can't remember. We also had a many golf packages, and lessons. "Dude Heaven"
Also in the back of the Dad Section we had had lawn services, Maui Jim Sunglasses, and pest control services to be bid on.
Texas Tech autographed football and spirit wear featuring our very own Allen Texas 5A Football Champions.

Boy Heaven!!

5th grade sponsored the Pro-wing scooter, skate boards, and ramp. They also did the Rip Rider 360. 3rd grade sponsored the fishing equipment display.

Kindergarten did "Toy Chest" and with 6 sections of kindergarten at our school I think we had nine different displays. Most people buy one of the displays and stock their gift giving closet with the toys for birthday parties. Aren't those flowers cool on the walls?? I just love those!!

"Ahhh, the Havana Nights Party" 40 Couples pay 60.00 each to attend an off campus adult party. We made 2400.00 selling tickets for the party and it sold out in 17 minutes. Major CHA-CHING!! Thanks Ron and Shana for hosting the party!!

This was what we call "El Mercado" or "The Market". All the area restaurants and food gift cards were out in this area. It is really popular and usually the food gift certificates go for face value. Do you see that spice rack? Not alot of people have those hanging on their walls these days and I was really worried that they might not sale. Holy Cow!! We had 4 of them and I think they went for around 75.00 each. Everyone was like "do you know how much spices are at the grocery store?" Plus they were McCormick Spices! We have a family at our school and the mom works for them and gave us the donation. We also featured out in this hallway about 12 different photography packages, interior design consultations, cooking lessons, and other household items.
We had also in this back area "Boon Bakery" and had volunteers donate a cute baked good and auctioned them off as well. It wasn't your typical bake sale. If you made cookies, you put them in a cute cookie jar and you got the cookie jar to keep. Grandma's famous pie was in a reusable ceramic pie pan. We had some amazing items and was a big success. We hadn't planned to have as many items and were a little overwhelmed by the response.

We also had so many fun things for the kids to do. We had a bounce house in our gym with a d-jay and a guy that taught the kids dances. He was fabulous! We also had photo buttons, airbrush tattoos, a magician, and quarter raffle baskets that are done by the teachers for the kids to put tickets in. The teachers are really creative in what they do for those baskets. One Kindergarten teacher will come to your house and read a bed time story to you and your siblings and have cookies and milk, another whole grade level has a Friday night lock-in for 6 students and 6 friends until 10:00 and they get to be in the school after it is closed, order pizza, play in the gym, ice cream sundaes, and more fun stuff. We also always have a gold fish for raffle and this year had a hermit crab and habitat. Our teachers and school are so awesome and it is such a pleasure to put on an event like this to raise money for our school. We are a relatively new school so there is so much that is still needed. We raised over $18,000 that night which is alot for a public school. It takes alot of volunteers to put on, but well worth the investment in our future.

Speaking of the future....I see tacos for dinner in my future, I better get on that!! Adios mi Amigos!!!

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