Sunday, May 10, 2009

Show Us Where You Live~Living Rooms

I am a little in getting my pictures posted of my living and family rooms. Better late than never.

This is one of my most favorite areas of my house. When you first walk in the front door you see this table. I usually decorate it with seasonal decor and put holiday pillows in the chairs. Today it sports a flower that by son made for me for Mother's Day in Sunday School. I love the metal tree that I have small votive candles hanging and I love to change decorations for the tree too.

About two years ago we changed out the balusters on the staircase to these metal ones. It was such a small change, but made a huge difference. I feel like it is jewelry for my house.

The fireplace is see through to the family room. It gives the illusion that there are two, but really just one.

The little black chest in the living room also serves as a place that I love to put things to spotlight in my house. The flowers are from students from my school where I am a school nurse. They gave them to me this week for Teacher/Staff Appreciation week. I also have pictures from my wedding 18 years ago and picture from my sister's wedding 28years ago. WOW!!

Looking down to the living room from the top of the stairs

There is a cubbie area over the entry way. I love this area and when I decorated it I was so excited that I filled t with things I already had. I love it when you can re-use things that you already have. There is a light up there, but Big Daddy needs to get up there and change the bulb.

This is looking into our family room from the entry way.

That is the other side of the see-through fireplace. I love the Noah's Ark picture over the mantle, my family gave it to me when I graduated from nursing school.

This chair with the ties on the back is one of my favorites.

My boys grab these chairs in the morning and eat (yes, I know...) breakfast. Always a fight as to who gets the red one. That brown basket/bowl thing with the lid is where I "hide" all the Happy Meal toys, Backugons, and hot wheels when I do the quick pick up. You know what I am talking about , all the loose stuff. :-)

We put in the wood floors about 3 years ago and decided on this walk way around the room where we have high traffic areas.

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  1. Beautiful! LOVE the entry area and your crosses! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I could change out the pictures (to my family members in the frames)....and move in your home in a heartbeat! It is beautiful! You have wonderful, wonderful taste....I hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day! hugs - kate

  3. Love the stair bling! Wish our home had more of it. Also love your cubby above the front door. I have one and have no idea what to do with it. The boys however have enjoyed shooting Nurf shoots from the game room over to it knowing good and well Mama can't get um down. I believe I actually have three of um stuck to the foyer light. I guess they will be my bling for now! HA!