Sunday, May 3, 2009

Show Us Where You Live

Over at Kelly's Korner she is sponsoring a tour of homes every Friday. I didn't think that I was going to participate, but I have enjoyed looking at everyone else's homes so I thought I would add mine as well. Why not right? Who doesn't ask your husband to drive by reeeaaal sloooow that darling house that you love so much so you can peek in while the lights are on and the curtains are still open? Well, come on by and take a little peak....I promise not to turn out the lights on you!
From our family room looking in
A view from the eating area. Notice, I don't have granite everywhere. We just put it on the island and the upper bar area. It gives the illusion that it is everywhere. Smoke and mirrors baby!

I love the pot rack. We used to have a huge light box over the island with fluorescent lighting. Big Daddy took it down and patched the ceiling. It looks so nice. I actually use it to help store my pots and pans. I don't really have alot of cabinet space, or maybe I have too much stuff.
These are a couple of cute little tea towels that friends have given me that I have hanging on my oven doors. Funny and true.

I love these jars. We actually use them and I put snacks in them for my family. I love that show Brothers and Sisters. Nora, (Sally Field) has crackers or something in hers in her kitchen. I was like "I'm gonna do that to mine too." So I took them out of the living room and put them on my island. Big Daddy said this was an "accident waiting to happen" with my boys. So far so good. I actually put some sort of seasonal decoration in the tallest one because I couldn't really think of some kind to snack to keep it filled with. Any ideas?? I like the spring time butterfly thing for now.
This is sort of a silly picture of my upper cabinets, but I wanted to show you were I put my boy's school work. Yep, just like I said I would never do...right smack dab on the cabinet door.

My sweet friend, Michele gave me this cute magnetic chalk board for Christmas. I keep things that I really need to remember on it. I have another bulletin board in my kitchen, but too embarrassed to show it. This one is holding a "speshel" invitation from my second grader to a Mother's Day Tea in his class next week. Oh yea, and my jury summons.

My butler's pantry and more dishes! I think I have too much stuff!! I just can't help it, I love dishes. This is where I keep my laptop and bible study books. I just finished Beth Moore's Esther study and am about to start Anointed-Transformed-Redeemed, a study of David by Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, and Kay Arthur. I have taken studies from all three before so one written by all of them should be great. I can keep tabs on the boys while they are on the computer here while I am in in the kitchen and more importantly while THEY are on the Internet. I have thought about turning this into a desk, or maybe putting in a wine fridge, but then again, I don't want to give up storage space.

All our baby cups

Breakfast area. We hardly ever eat here, even though I wish we did.

I love the plate collection on the wall. The white one in the center has a picture of my church that I grew up in. We used to eat on them when we had fellowship dinners. My mom got my sister and I both one. Last year that church, 1st Christian in Big Spring, Texas celebrated its 125th anniversary.

A view from the laundry room. Please Kelly, don't ask us to show that one!! :-)

Into our family room

I really do like to cook, but don't do it too often, except for alot of scrambled eggs for my big boy. We come and go so much for sports, it is sometimes just easier to eat out.

I do use the heck out of that coffee pot and the mixer!! I usually have some sort of cute container to put granulated sugar in that is seasonal. I haven't found anything for right now as we are sort of in between holidays. That Neiman Marcus cookbook, is more for show. The recipes are too complicated!!

OK, I feel like I am on an episode of CRIBS, so I thought I would show you a shot of what is in my fridge. Nothing special...salad fixins, Cinnabon bread (the best!) and of course...eggs for none other...scrambled eggs.


  1. Your kitchen is beautiful, and I love your granite trick.

  2. Very pretty kitchen. Love it! Also love your cross magnetic board. Too cool! Thanks for sharing. Found you thru Kelly's blog. I got my kitchen tour post up on my blog yesterday as well. :)

    Blessings, Angie Seaman (blog) (website) (photography blog)

  3. You have a nice kitchen. I love the towel, the one about Wal Mart. I would love to know where it came from (if you know).

  4. Lovely kitchen! I LOVE the chalk board, very cute!

  5. Your kitchen is gorgeous! LOVE all of the rooster decor! Thanks, for the tour!